Many people have realized the benefits of running a crowdfunding website and with the help of the many available Kickstarter clone scripts; people have been able to run these platforms effectively, conveniently, and without any hurdles. For all that have ventured into it, they have found it to be lucrative, and this has attracted many more people to join the business.

As the owner of the Kickstarter clone website, you stand to make money from many sources and depending on the efforts you are putting in, you can make a lot more. One rule about starting a Kickstarter clone website is that you should carry out intense advertising. The more the people know about your website, the more clients you will attract. Use all the available means to carry out the advertisement and use all the online advertisement tools at your disposal. This way, you will be able to reach many people effectively. The world is a pool of entrepreneurs, and you have to attract them always.

Once You Have The Clients, You Will Earn In The Following Ways:

The Listing Fee: for every person that wants their project to be listed on your website, they will be required to pay a certain amount of money called the listing fee. As the owner of the platform, you will decide the listing fee. The more people get their projects listed with you, the better it will be for your income.

The Commission Earned: Using Kickstarter clone websites will also help you earn on a commission basis. For every project that gets funded successfully, you will get a certain commission. You can set your administration commission to be 5%. Therefore, when a project receives a funding of 1000$, the recipient will get this amount minus the 5%.
Other than making the clients your only source of income, you can get other sources of income through

Affiliate Marketing: as an affiliate marketer, you will also get a certain commission for every purchase made by a person that was redirected by your website. The commission can be agreed upon by you and the supplier of the products you are selling.

All these are ways to ensure that you get maximum earnings from your website. When you incorporate the three methods of earning, your income will grow over time. All you have to do, as already stated earlier, is to ensure that you market your website thoroughly. Marketing will attract people to you.